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Bresser's is Detroit's Bulk Mailing Service Company
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Bresser's is Detroit's Bulk Mailing Service Company

Bulk Mailing Service

Feel Good About Your Bulk Mail Company

How do you feel when you think about your bulk mail company? Are they able to meet all of your expectations, or does the company just take care of one part of your mailing campaign? Does your bulk mail company work with you from start to finish, or do you still find yourself running from one place to another? Are you relieved that you are saving time and money, or do you sometimes wonder if you'd be better off doing more in-house?

If you have are still running from one place to the next to stay on top of your direct mail campaign, you need a better bulk mail company. If you are still spending all of your time focused on your mailing, you are not spending enough time focused on running your business. And if you are still running around, focused on your mailing, you are obviously not using Bressers Information Services as your bulk mail company.

When you choose Bressers Information Services to handle your direct mail campaigns, you can feel good about your bulk mail company. You can be sure that you have found the right leads, the right targeted prospective customers. You can feel confident that those people who receive your mailing will have an interest in your products and services and that they will be able to act on what they have read.

And, with Bressers as your bulk mail company, you will be able to feel confident that they have read a targeted message. When you take advantage of Bressers variable print capability, you will be able to change the message of your mailings from campaign to campaign. Not only that, but also you will be able to personalize your campaign based on demographic selection, even changing your message from one contact to the next.

Along with printing your mail items, when Bressers is your bulk mail company, they will address each piece of the mailing the address will be printed on each mail item or envelop (which they will fold and insert a business letter into). There won't be a need for anyone at your company needing to address the mailing by hand; there will not be a need for anyone at your business to sick labels on a postcard or an envelop.

Not only will the addresses be printed directly on the mailer, but with Bressers as your bulk mail company, the addresses will be printed in postal service presort order no more need for someone to sort the mailing along with the documentation required by the postal service. Even if your company does not have a standard mail or first class presort permit, you will be able to save 45-50% on your postage costs; you will be able to use Bressers' mail permits and not have the initial costs of obtaining your own.

As your bulk mail company, Bressers Information Services will save you time because they provide all of the services that you need for your direct mail campaign. You can be sure that no one on your staff will need to run from place to place. No one on your staff will need to take time out from helping your customers to put labels on each mailing item. No one will need to sort the mailing or fill out paperwork for you to save on postage. Everyone on your staff will be able to remain focused on their jobs helping customers and making sales.

Similarly, you will not be distracted by arranging the details of your campaign. You will not have to worry about coordinating the services of different companies. All you will have to do is turn your campaign over to Bressers and focus on what you do best: running your business.

Bressers offers a cost-effective, time saving way of running your direct mail campaigns. Visit to learn more about the services and savings that come with choosing Bressers as your bulk mail company.

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